Products and Services

The firm is dedicated to provide savers, investors and institutional clients’ solutions through public offering instruments authorized by the Comisión Nacional de Valores.


Purchase/Sale of equities, bonds, corporate bonds, Central Bank bills, options, futures, indexes, carry-overs, Deferred cheques, securities issued by financial trusts and certificate of securities.

Asset management

We count with a group of qualified professionals to offer our clients a large variety of solutions to invest, based on a long-term vision and a constant search of return.


International and local macroeconomic analysis, monitoring of the markets and economic sectors, with the objective of supporting our clients’ decisions making.


"Since 2015 we participate actively in ROFEX,
where futures and options can be traded, financial contracts as well as agricultural contracts ."

Our society has got a custodial account at CAJA DE VALORES S.A.,
being the depositary institution of securities in custody under the collective deposit system, where it has sub-accounts in name of our clients.